Benefits Of Our Workshops

Improved performance

Promote health and well-being as part of your workplace culture

Less workplace absenteeism, injury and stress

Reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace

Enhance focus, concentration and memory

Higher rates of employee job satisfaction

Improve emotional intelligence

Workshop Topics

  • Strengthening Team Resilience and Strategies to Enhance Employee Wellbeing

    This session will help your team strengthen their resilience, and how they cope with challenges including but not limited to workplace stress, work-life balance, mental health challenges, and managing change. All of which can be risk factors for stress and burnout. This workshop is practical, and interactive, and will discuss best practices to enhance mental fitness and strategies to build resilience, especially in challenging times.

  • Building High Performing Teams

    This session will help your team build their productivity and workplace performance with tactical strategies that help teams thrive. When employees center their wellness their performance improves.  This session is great for leaders, high-performing teams, wellness ambassadors, and those who want to build a high-functioning team.

  • Managing Change in Uncertain Times

    Managing change can be tough but it doesn’t have to be. When teams learn about the change management process and how to set themselves up for success it helps to build their resiliency instead of having them feel defeated. These practical strategies and discussions can help your team strengthen how they manage the unknown.

  • Connecting With Your Teams Enhancing Performance In A Remote or Hybrid Team

    Working in a hybrid or online environment can be challenging and impact how we connect. Now more than ever it’s important to build meaningful relationships and create psychologically safe environments that promote well-being and enhance performance on a remote or hybrid team. In this session, you and your team will learn practical strategies to connect, prioritize well-being, and enhance performance. 

  • Habits of High Performing Teams

    In this workshop you will learn about how to create habits that will help your teams perform at their best. Participants will also learn how to set themselves up for success and how to support team members to do the same.

  • Mindfulness Strategies at Work

    In this workshop, your employees will learn how mindfulness can impact the way they show up at work. Research shows mindfulness can improve focus, performance, mood, and anxiety. Your team will learn practical strategies that can enhance their well-being.

  • The Psychologically Safe Leader

    Everyone has a responsibility for creating a psychologically safe workplace. Learn how to implement the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Participants will also learn how to embed the ABC’s safety management system to create a psychologically safe workplace.

  • Mental Health Hygiene

    This session will help your team apply practices to boost their mental health. It's the small things we can do daily that can add up to help us maintain our health and be our best at work. Participants will learn tactical strategies they can apply daily to feel like their best selves.

  • Work-Life-Balance

    This session will provide your team with approaches to create better work-life-balance. In this interactive session your team will leave with simple changes they can implement to enhance balance in their lives.

We also offer customizable workshops to help meet you and your team's unique needs

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