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These highly interactive workshops bring wellness and experiential learning to your organization.


The customizable workshops can include some of the following topics:

Mindful Strategies For Success

Building Resilience & Mental Fitness

Increasing Wellbeing On Your Team

Moving Beyond Self-Care


Imposter Syndrome and How To Increase Confidence In Your Career

Returing To Work After A Leave

Building Inclusive Teams

These workshops are customizable and participants will learn tools, techniques and tips to increase their effectiveness and engagement at work and other areas of their life.


Benefits of Workplace Wellness Trainings Include:

• Improve performance

• Promote health and well-being
• Less workplace absenteeism, injury and stress
• Reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace
• Enhance focus, concentration and memory
• Higher rates of employee job satisfaction
• Improve emotional intelligence


"This webinar series was a wonderful learning opportunity. I'm glad I got the chance to work with you." -Farzaneh B. CERIC

"Thank you so much for this, I found this really helpful and even took notes so I can refer to it easily later"

Christina F. Workshop Participant

"This is so timely for me and I know I will be using these strategies this week to help with my focus and vision" -Jahniak M. Workshop Participant

"Your words are so inspiring, I know it will help me meet my goals in my career" -Vishnu S. Workshop Participant

Thank you Jodi, this is exactly what I needed. Such an impactful session!" -Marla P. Workshop Participant

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The past few years have been stressful, to say the least. We have had to navigate numerous challenges including but not limited to working through a pandemic while managing multiple responsibilities, witnessing and protesting social justice issues that continue to have a negative impact on disadvantaged groups and losing loved ones. The psychological impact of these stressors has tested us in many ways.

For most organizations, it may be back to business as usual. However, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in four Canadians has accessed support for mental health challenges and their levels of mental health distress are similar to the start of the pandemic. This suggests the pandemic could have lasting effects on individual well-being, requiring ongoing mental health support.

The typical advice employers give to employees who are feeling stressed and burned out is to take care of their mental health, access counselling, engage in self-care and take vacation days. This advice is not enough. Employees simply can’t self-care their stress away. We must address the systems that enable stress and burnout to continue to harm our people.

So, as leaders, how do we move beyond superficial advice to help support the mental health journey of our team members?

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Empower Your Leaders Today

Give your leaders the resilience advantage. Equip your leaders in building resilience at work.

Introducing The Resilient Leader Blueprint

A high-impact self-paced online program that helps leaders strengthen their performace, energy and mindset.

    • Enhancing resilience and energy to be an effective leader
    • Applying a wide range of techniques to recharge and build resilience
    • Developing high-impact resilience & routines that build mental fitness and help reduce burnout
    • 12 hours of interactive self-paced content
    • Actionable tips and tools
    • Practical assignements to apply learnings
    • Evidence-based resiliency based research with proven success

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