Welcome To Creating New Steps!

Helping high-achieving professionals and leaders thrive in their lives and career.

As an education and training hub for professionals, we provide support to individuals and teams to build resilience and enhance mental fitness to work and live intentionally.

Creating New Steps was created in 2021 to help high-acheiving professionals find solutions to work and live intentionally.

Mission: Our mission is to help support people and teams in building their resilience and to work and live with purpose and intention.

Vision: Creating New Steps aims to help professionals and leaders build their resilience and enhance their wellness journey.

Meet Our Team

We want to ensure your leaders and your team are functioning at their best and are deeply committed to getting the results and impact they desire. By prioritizing wellness it can lead to a better quality of life and strengthen your performance at work.

Jodi Tingling, Founder & CEO

Jodi Tingling (She/Her) is the Founder & CEO of Creating New Steps. As a Wellness Educator, Licensed Therapist and Wellness Coach she has impacted the lives of 500 + professionals and leaders. She specializes in helping high achieving professionals navigate the complexities of how mental health can impact performance & relationships. She holds a Master degree in Social Work and is certified and trained in Stress Management, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and many more therapeudic modalities. In her free time she can be found creating mindful moments with her loved ones.