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It's time to shift from feeling overwhelmed to living your best life

ready to fall in love with your life?

Here's the thing, you haven't been feeling at your best for some time now and the cracks are starting to show.

You pride yourself on being a high-achiever and say yes to everyone but yourself. It's ingrained in society that we must continue, keep it together, and ignore ourselves. 

You can't continue to ignore yourself anymore.

The Neuro Reset Experience will give you the framework you need to shift your life, stop living by other people's expectations and nurture your needs to help you meet the visions you have for yourself.

What will you learn?

My goal with The Neuro Reset Experience is to equip you with the the tools you need to balance your life and start to create a life you enjoy.

The program includes a full framework for reducing the overwhelm you feel, visioning your new life path, and taking the next steps to feel fulfilled in your life.

If you're looking for a system you can use to re-build your life after burnout or overwhelm this is it!

How you'll shift the way you show up in your life

There are three phases of our work. Over the course our time together we will partner together to identify how to reset your energy, produce lasting change, and support your goals.

  • 🧠Reset🧠

    Relieve your overloaded nervous system

    Transform your stress levels, apply healing techniques to reset your body, and enhance your mental clarity.

  • ⚡Recharge⚡

    Apply systems that help you feel energized

    Ignite a transformative process for your daily functioning to energize your body and mind.

  • 💡Renew💡

    Set yourself up for success

    Propel yourself forward, embracing the next steps with passion and purpose to manifest your life's vision!

What's Included

☑️ 30 days to reset and reimagine your life, work with a wellness coach through asynchronous coaching to support and address your specific challenges

☑️ Tools that will help you to reset your nervous system and transform your life

☑️ Growth focused-by the end of the program you will know what you need to do to be intentional in your life

☑️ Systems and frameworks that has helped 1000's of clients reimagine their lives

  • "If I really had to change one thing about this course it would be to have found it sooner than I did."

    -Cassie P, Executive Administrator

  • "Jodi is so skilled at what she does. I am so happy to have worked with her. I have improved my life so much since working with her."

    -Shaunna G, Program Supervisor

  • "Jodi has helped my team with developing new habits. Not only is she patient but she is so knowledgeable when it comes to making a transformation!"

    -Elyse K, Director of Operations

Who this is program for?

Not everyone is going to be a right fit for The Neuro Reset Experience

  • You're a good fit for this program if:

    ✅ You know this program is a framework, and you are ready to use it to show up for yourself

    ✅ You’re willing to reassess or even pivot from your the way you are living/working

    ✅ You know that, like with anything, “showing up every day” and patience is required to create something great

    ✅ You are ready to put in the work to prioritize your needs even if it makes you uncomfortable

    ✅ You are ready to unlearn and understand common messages you've internalized over the years

    ✅ You’re willing to reach out and get the help you need when you get stuck

  • You're not a good fit for this program if:

    ❌ You are looking for a quick fix

    ❌ You’re not willing to do the uncomfortable work that’s required to recover from burnout/overwhelm.

    ❌ You’re expecting all your challenges to go away after taking this program.

    ❌ You are not willing to dedicate the time to make habit changes

Hi! I'm Jodi

My passion is to help people create and curate their ideal lives using systems to reclaim their time, energy, and health. I do this through a unique framework that helps people get clarity through identifying their vision, values, and strengths to create a roadmap towards their success.

Here are some of the results I have provided:

Worked with 1000's professionals, leaders and teams to

➡️ Get clarity, energy and focus to meet their big visions

➡️ Overcome imposter syndrome and advance in their career

➡️ Enhance self-confidence and go after what they truly want

➡️ Navigate their career transitions to create their ideal life path

➡️ Reprioritize their life by setting better boundaries in the workplace

And I can help you too!

Why work with us?

✔️ Years of experience helping high achieving professionals transform from operating in a space of overwhelm to living their best life professionally and personally

✔️ Our unique framework helps high achievers understand themselves better and work toward their big vision

✔️ Create an intentional plan for you to elevate in your career and in your life

Ready to transform

Have more questions?

Tell us more about what changes you would like to see in your life and Jodi will reach out to you personally to see if this program is the right fit.